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Cancellations and refunds:


  1. The products on the website are custom-made in accordance with customer's orders. Therefore, not shelf-ready products existing in stock, but rather goods which are manufactured following receipt of a customer order.

  2. A transaction can be canceled up to and including within 3 business days after time of purchase. Subsequent to that time, the order is shipped abroad for production. The customer acknowledges that 3 days past submitting the order there will be no transaction cancellations.

  3. Cancellation fees (in the event that the order is canceled within the allotted time) will be charged in the amount of 5% of the net purchase price or 100 NIS, for whichever amount is the lower of the two.

  4. A repayment of the balance will be made at the time of cancellation of the transaction, when possible, and no later than 7 business days from the date of the transaction cancelation.

  5. There will be no reimbursement in the event of cancelling a transaction due to a product defect or delivery failure to the customer, in accordance with a return of the defective product. Shipment in case of cancellation of a transaction, returns and all related transportation charges will be at the customer's expense and responsibility to arrange for the delivery of the products in accordance with the business instructions.

  6. There are no returns and/or replacement of product/sizes post-delivery of the merchandise to the customer. The site does not constitute a store-front to a warehouse, and as such does not keep merchandise in stock. An order which is placed through the website is the responsibility of the customer. Once a product is delivered in good condition (ie: undamaged), there is no return or exchange.

  7. The seller reserves the right to terminate the activity on the site at any time and/or to revoke a transaction made by a customer and/or refuse a customer's order, in the event of challenges to production and/or delivery. Under such circumstances, the seller will refund the full sum of the transaction to the customer.

  8. In the event that the company is unable to deliver the order by the specified due date or at all, the seller will have the option of reimbursing the customer in full for the purchase.

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