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Cancellation and Refunds Policy:

  1. The products available on our website are custom-manufactured based on each customer's order. Please note that these are not pre-made stock items but are produced after an order is placed and processed.

  2. Customers have the option to cancel their transaction from the day of purchase until the end of the third working day thereafter. This timeframe covers the administrative processing period before the order is sent for production at a factory in China. Customers acknowledge that cancellation requests will not be accepted after the 3-day period following the order date.

  3. Cancellation fees (applicable within the specified time frame) amount to 5% of the product price or 100 ₪, whichever is lower. Refunds will be issued at the time of cancellation, if possible, or within 7 business days.

  4. There are no cancellation fees for orders canceled due to product defects or non-delivery, provided that the defective product is returned. Customers are responsible for arranging and covering the shipping costs for canceled transactions, returns, and product exchanges, following the provided instructions.

  5. No reimbursement will be given for canceled transactions due to product defects or delivery issues without the return of the defective item. Shipping costs for canceled transactions, returns, and related transportation are the customer's responsibility, and they must ensure that products are delivered according to the provided instructions.

  6. Products cannot be returned or exchanged post-delivery. Our website does not function as a traditional store with inventory on-site. Once a product is delivered in good condition, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

  7. For shoe orders, size exchanges are permitted, but there are no returns or exchanges for delivered products outside of this scenario. Customers are accountable for their orders placed on the website as long as the delivered products are without defects.

  8. We reserve the right to discontinue the website, cancel customer orders, or refuse orders if there are issues with product manufacturing or delivery. In such cases, customers will receive a full refund for their purchase.

  9. If we are unable to fulfill an order by the agreed-upon deadline, we will provide a full refund to the customer.

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